Yaz Bukey fun designs


You can say goodbye to your boring gold studs this summer with Yaz Bukey‘s fun summer earring designs! This playful and intellectual brand features whimsical Plexiglas accessories that have a similar aesthetic to comic book graphics.

Inspired by the Technicolor world of musicals and cinema Bukey has found a way to make stand out pieces that still look chic and not too over the top. The designer is most interested in those completely devoted to a singular style making herself the perfect poster girl for her work. She embodies a level of dedication and curiousity that creates a story behind the brand that explores pop culture. To draw all contrasting elements together she relies on the singularity of Plexiglas material. The designer explains, “I’m very much interested in trompe l’oeil, or blurring the lines between what is real and fake, and Plexiglas provides the perfect medium to explore those themes.”

Aside from being sold online, you can also see the brands playful pop-art decorations throughout the world and experience elegant surrealism as it comes to life in each store!

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