Summer Feeling With Songes By Annick Goutal


This morning, I found in one of my closets the monoï I used last summer: the limited editionSonges by Annick Goutal. With its captivating smell, all my holiday memories came back to my mind and it made me smile.

Before my next meeting, let me quickly introduce you to this Tahitian Monoï Oil. Composed by perfumers Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal, it’s an authentic monoï from Tahiti and it’s created by soaking the petals of tiare flowers in coconut oil. Specifically designed to nourish and soften our skin, its notes of jasmine, vanilla and amber make you travel to an exotic place .

The Songes Monoï was part of my beauty routine last summer.

Annick Goutal’s collections are now available in the US.



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