Exotic Inspiration at Auteuil Brasserie


I have so many nice spots to share with you in Paris that it’s almost like I am living there… This summer, the Auteuil train station came alive again and became a brasserie with a rooftop.

When I first saw this new restaurant, I felt like I was somewhere else. It made me travel to an exotic place. The terrace gave me this impression, which went on when I went inside. The wood and plant-covered decoration gives a friendly and relaxing atmosphere to Auteuil Brasserie. It feels good to have a place like that to share with your family and friends and where you can savor Italian foods and homemade cocktails.

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Auteuil Brasserie is a little piece of heaven where you can spend your dolce vita moment in the middle of Paris. For the rooftop, you may want to wait until next spring but even inside, this restaurant is exotic, warm and full of light. The shades of green will bring you inner peace and you will enjoy a great menu with focaccia, burrata, pizza, pasta…

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Auteuil Brasserie
78 rue d’Auteuil 75016 Paris


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