Poetry & Olfactory Experience With Iunx


It’s amazing how you can travel with just your sense of smell. For sure, you also have to be receptive to what Iunx did, it’s beyond my expectations.

I discovered this brand a few years ago and its new boutique in the heart of Paris, 13 rue de Tournon, is truly a gem. With a pure and minimalist decoration, the venue is all about the contrasts between black and white and, shades and lights. Its graphic lines highlight Iunx’s perfumes. Everything has been designed with one goal: kindling our senses and it’s working!

I am already convinced that you never saw something like what I am going to describe you… Fabienne Conte-Sevigne and Francis Giacobetti, Iunx’s designers, created photosensitive luminous testers in order to make us experience a unique olfactory travel. And like you smell a flower, they designed paper corolla which lights up and releases perfume. Can you believe it?

Olivia Giacobetti is Iunx’s nose and with this opening, it’s also time to smell 3 of their perfumes: “Eau Ivre”, “Eau Aztèque” and “Eau qui Pique”.



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