Philippe Model Must Have Sneakers


When Philippe Model released their women’s SS16 Collection, I was immediately drawn to their unique take on sneakers. The Philippe Model Paris sneaker collection is made up of bold, metallic, and colorful options with a mix of the minimalistic, classic white sneakers.

The French designer, had a vision to create luxury footwear. He marks his sneakers with his iconic elastique line and his signature hand-stitched shield on the side. Philippe Model’s emphasis is on quality and comfort for his sneakers, targeted to men, women, and juniors.

He started as a hat designer and was awarded the title “Meilleur ouvrier de France,” which is known as ‘finest craftsman in France,’ and is one of the most coveted prizes for excellence. Philippe Model then later served as the creative director for Paolo Gambato since 2008.

What’s interesting is that each sneaker is designed differently. Whether it’s pattern mixing, or a statement metallic design, they are all meticulously crafted in Italy. The manual procedure that goes into each shoe is what makes Philippe Model’s sneakers unique. There is a daytime footwear line collection and another collection aimed at a more feminine perspective—containing concepts of classic and contrasting forms highlighted in each shoe, giving its own expression and personalization.

Even if you are not a fan of sneakers, these will surely change your mind. You can wear them as a pair of statement shoes, or they come in handy when you’re running out the door.

Here are my favorite ones!

Philippe Modal store: 33 Place du Marche St Honore, 75001 Paris









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