Who says that fashion has to be simple and plain? Obviously not for Olympia Le-Tan who is anything but simple.. And I love that!

Olympia Le-Tan is a luxury ready-to-wear and accessories designer. She is inspired by literature, fairytales, Russian ballets, and the 70’s in London. This mix of inspiration makes her designs unique and original. Her creativity of design adds sophistication and humor into our closets!

Olympia Le-Tan is an unconventional designer for sure but she offers us an invitation to dream and travel! I especially adore one of her ideas: re-imagining classic book covers and transforming them into clutches and accessories. You may think this design concept is too far out there and have no clue where to even begin? For a trendy look, wear a black or white/cream jumpsuit accompanied with one of her box-bags. This complete outfit will cause a sensation ;-). Her designs are chic and fun. Oh and her bags are handmade so do not hesitate to snag one up!

Thank you Olympia Le-Tan! You really know how to make women happy. You also know how to enhance our femininity with a glamor and humorous touch!







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