Non Toxic Nail Polish With Buly 1803



There is so much to tell about Buly 1803… Do you know that this brand has two centuries of history? Established in 1803 on rue Saint HonorĂ© in Paris, Buly 1803 was known first for its perfumes and scented vinegars.

Buly 1803 believes in the power of natural beauty and so in natural ingredients. Created in France, Buly’s collection uses both modern cosmetic techniques and ancestral recipes. This is what makes its force in the beauty world. However, this article isn’t to talk about its perfumers, scents, body care or skincare products. Surprisingly , I was won over by their non toxic nail polishes.

Recently launched, these nail polishes are made from crushed shells and natural pigments. Buly 1803 has developed a collection of 15 shades from strong to light, pastel ones. Like I said, they are non toxic but also odorless. The price is higher than a classic nail polish but it’s definitely worth it! We can be feminine and take of our health at the same time!

Even for your pleasure, you have to visit Buly’s Officine in Paris. You will time travel in the past!



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