New York Edition



The New York Edition is located in the Flatiron District, this hotel sits across from New York’s Madison Square Park. In central Manhattan, you will have access to all the spots in just a few minutes. Originally built as the headquarters for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, this historic building is now the New York Edition.

Even with its 270 rooms, the New York Edition succeeds in being a “hotel as private home”. Right mix between a modern design and cosy fabrics, the rooms bring a special comfort to the guests. The design has a retro touch with all the modernity of the 21st century like the lobby bar’s tables and chairs inspired from the 1920s.

We are in the city that never sleeps so the hotel is busy day and night with a restaurant managed by London’s Chef Jason Atherton, a billiard room and two bars. The New York Edition is really like a large private club. And last but not least, they have a spa and a 360-degree view in most of the rooms. All the ingredients are present to have a wonderful stay and nice memories from Manhattan.






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