Lets revamp our shower rooms, bathrooms, powder rooms… anyplace where you wash basically. If you love amazing colors, sensational scents, and natural ingredients.. then MY HAPPY SOAPS is the right product for you!

My Happy Soaps had one goal in mind. It was to create a luxury collection of vegetable soaps and turn an everyday essential into an enjoyable multi-sensory experience. They use traditional techniques with only the finest organic ingredients. My Happy Soaps have crafted a unique bar of soap to look elegant, simplistic and energetic.

Creating a new look for the bathroom upstairs.. then use these bars of soap as your color inspiration. Pick from the stores variety of pigments and start creating color schemes and decorating your dream bathroom.

Or perhaps you just need to relax in the bathtub after a hard days work.. then use these bars of soap as an essential piece in your getaway to “Bubble Bath City.” Lets face it, we need a little more color in our lives so lets splash some in!




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