Moynat x Carpenters Worship Gallery Event


Our team recently organized a collaboration between the Bernard Arnaud, a brand that is established and made in France, Moynat, and the Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Both brands are French and work alongside French artisans, so our team knew that the event would be an absolute success! This was the perfect way to increase public exposure of this exclusive leather brand and unique art gallery.

We wanted to highlight Moynat and its one of kind craftsmanship in a unique and magical hidden space like the Workshop Carpenters Gallery, which is the old Takashimaya store on 5th Avenue. The bags were presented like pieces of jewelry with original displays and guests were complimented with a buffet lunch event.

Julien Lobrail and Loic Le Gaillard opened the first Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London’s Chelsea in 2006, and recently opened another location in New York City, which is where this event was held. Their gallery produces and exhibits functional sculptures by international artists who come from varied territories of expressions and successes. Massive international successes have been built from their theme of achieving the perfect balance of art and design.

Moynat is a brand owned by Bernard Arnaud that has produced luxury leather goods since 1849. In fact, it was one of the very first leather goods houses, and prides itself on its mastered craftsmanship. They produce and carry many different types of products, including handbags, suitcases, and even passport holders.

Displaying their high quality leather products at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery resulted in a beautiful exhibit for all of the clients that attended. Every client was able to receive a little bit of magic in order to brighten up his or her busy day.

Moynat has a store location on Madison Avenue in New York City, where you are able to visit and purchase their luxury pieces.



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