In 2007, Clara and John Molloy founded Memo, based on their personal story and inspiration. It is not a coincidence if the brand’s mantra is “The journey is the destination”. Lovers of the world, travel is for them as necessary as breathing.

With its nose Alienor Massenet, Memo offers us three collections of perfumes: the inaugural one “Les échappées” is rooted in the mystery of destinations around the world, “Cuirs nomades” explores the places where leather blossoms and “Graines Vagabonde” is a metaphor for life and liberty and shows the diversity of the world.

Inspired by real or imaginary journeys, Memo’s scents are unique compared to other brands. For once, a perfume is not here to enhance our femininity or our men’s masculinity. It’s about travel, freedom, discoveries and imagination. For a traveler like me, this brand aroused my curiosity and I am totally convinced. I don’t know yet which perfume has my preference but I will tell you soon 😉

Memo is an olfactory map of the world and humanity, where each perfume has a destination. This brand makes me in a good mood to start the week, I hope it will do the same to you!


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