The Maison Plisson And Its Parisian Food Court


ob_ec4fef_maison-plissonFood courts are a real craze but a delicious one!

In New York City, you can taste, shop, and eat Italian products at Eataly. You can also do the same with French products at Le District, which opened last March. Now, it is time for the food court concept to seize Paris with this idea.

The Maison Plisson, which is a french food court, opened its doors last spring in the heart of Paris. This food court is 500 square meters dedicated to gastronomy with delicatessen, butcher’s, dairy, grocery, ice-cream maker, a proposal of tasty dishes prepared by the Chef Bruno Doucet, etc.

The Plisson team spent an entire year to wander our beautiful country (France) to offer us the best regional products.

Book your agenda and go to the Maison Plisson, where you will rediscover our French products with overwhelming pleasure. I am really exited about this new opening of Maison Plisson.

Maison Plisson
93 boulevard Beaumarchais


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