Limited Edition Scarfs by Brazilian designer Iracema Trevisan


These days with designers pushing through up to six runway shows per year, sometimes it seems fashion as an art has been forgotten. Brazilian designer, Iracema Trevisan, bridges the gap between art and design with her gorgeous limited edition scarfs with Heart Heart Heart (HHH). I just love her design, esthetic and sensibility.

Iracema creates surrealist prints that are inspired by Brazilian culture and its icons. Symbols such as palm trees, animals, and insects flutter through the designs. Captivating colors, 3D effects and embroidery gives dimension to the accessory to even serve as both a scarf and necklace. Influence of major names of Brazilian modernism such as architect Lina Bo Bardi, Christine Ufon, or Paola d’Orleans provides the scarves with exemplary elegance.

Heart Heart Heart has a singular identity, a discreet take on luxury, and will add an instant pop to any wardrobe! 

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