Les Bains… A hybrid venue in Paris where you can enjoy a unique and creative lifestyle experience. Since the 28th of June, Les Bains is not only a hotel, bar, club and restaurant, it’s also a boutique!

Located 2 rue du Bourg l’Abbé, this space has been created by Les Diplomates. Singular and definitely a piece of art by itself, Les Bains’ boutique is a concept store and almost a gallery in its conception. For this project, Les Bains collaborated with creative, upcoming and trendy designers Pierre Hardy for sneakers, Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër for a bracelet, Aëdle for a headphone, Thierry Lasry for sunglasses, Delphine Delafon for bags, and more.

This boutique offers us special and unique pieces from the fields of design, fashion, art, music and vintage. I let you imagine the space…

This space represents all I like about fashion and lifestyle and if you follow me, you will notice that Les Bains collaborated with some of the designers I shared on my blog via my articles and my style tips.



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