Le Soft Perfume: A Handbag Size Fragrance


As any woman on the go, I always carry in my bag lipstick, a mascara, a little mirror, etc. But what about my perfume? I was tired of using samples or other tricks during the day so I looked online for handbag size perfumes and I discovered this brand “Le Soft Perfume”.

Created by Isabelle SabĂ© Masson, Le Soft Perfume offers 16 different solid fragrance sticks. 90% natural, they are made with a nourishing shea butter base. It’s a pleasure to apply them on my skin which is smoother and the scent stays a while for a solid perfume. These sticks are very convenient, they even fit in my clutches. And did you see their packaging? I love it, so playful and artistic.

Le Soft Perfume is a chic and trendy alternative. Now I have my fragrance that I can apply anytime, anywhere!


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