Why did I choose the title “Le Burgundy Paris: a haute couture hotel” for my article? This is howLe Burgundy Paris is called by the Frenchies . Curious, I had to see by myself…

In the Golden Triangle Champs Elysées-Madeleine-Opera, this hotel is located in the most prestigious area of Paris where the Parisian culture and history are combined with the luxury boutiques. The location is so practical and easy, it changed my stay in Paris! Didn’t have to jump in a cab every minute!

I would love to describe Le Burgundy Paris for you but I am not sure that my description would reflect the reality… Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words and this is the reason I have selected the best photos of this hotel to show you its beauty. Le Burgundy Hotel is truly a jewel! The deco is stylish and so Parisian chic that you would definitely love it. It mixes perfectly tradition and modernity. The rooms have a lot of daylight and sometimes they even have a private garden. The Bar is very relaxing. They are remodeling the restaurant and breakfast area.

The food lovers won’t be disappointed as well. You can trust the taste of the Michelin Guide which rewarded Le Baudelaire restaurant with one star. The Chef Pierre Rigothier and the Pastry Chef Julien Chamblas work together to offer us a unique culinary experience with fresh products.

Oh and last but not least, Le Burgundy Hotel has a relaxing spa with a large pool that reflects the perfect eden .

For any business trip, romantic travels or lovers of Paris Le Burgundy Hotel is the place to stay.


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