La Mexcaleria: A Mexican Speakeasy In Paris



Once upon a time.. In the 1920s, speakeasies offered a hidden place to quench their thirst for forbidden alcohol. With an intimate atmosphere and restricted access, they were the symbol of that generation. The 1K Hotel in Paris decided to embrace this old trend and created a hidden and clandestino bar called La Mezcaleria.

The inspiration is obvious: the South American culture and the beverage of choice is the Mezcal, an alcoholic drink coming from the deserts of Mexico. Everything has been done to make you feel like you are back in that time period: the drink, the food, and the decoration. When you come inside it is like being in an old cinematic movie… It’s a dream!

Play the role and choose your cocktail according to your personality: “El Diablito” for a strong and spicy side or “Corazon” for a soft and sweet side. You can also smoke cigars and enjoy the salsa music, Mexican house and Afro-Cuban jazz.

The atmosphere of La Mezcaleria is intimate and singular. Its idea to revisit the historical illicit bars is such a success… It’s like you are getting lost in another world!



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