Italian Home Deco With Fornasetti


Piero Fornasetti was a man of many talents (painter, sculptor, interior decorator…). He was a true artist and with more than 11,000 objects, he left his mark on the decorative art scene of the 20th century. His son, Barnaba, reinterprets his legacy by combining with success traditions and modernism.

I am sure you have already seen Fornasetti‘s designs… This is a brand that even if you don’t know its name, it leaves you an impression, an image that you will remember. As an addict of interior design and sensitive to scents, I couldn’t miss their home fragrance collection! The candles are more expensive than usual but made from ceramic and hand painted, each design is a real piece of art. It’s nice to have several of them together.

Fornasetti brings poetry and humor to its collections.



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