Hotel Ekta: The New Parisian Boutique Hotel



I don’t know how to describe this new jewel in the hotel world but if you’re planning a trip to Paris, you have to take a look at Hotel Ekta… I am sure it will become a must-see!

In the heart of Paris, close to the Avenue George V, this hotel turns the 70’s into a modern piece of art. Jean Philippe Nuel and Natasha Stojkovic did an amazing job using the futuristic designs of CourrĂ©ges, the Concorde’s blueprint, juggling with mirrors, as well as black and white colors. Hotel Ekta is an invitation to rediscover fashion. With 25 rooms including 5 suites, you will feel exclusive and I think, at least for me, it’s essential. I like to have this feeling of home and intimacy in a hotel. I travel enough to say that it’s really rare to find a place like this in a major capital.

Hotel Ekta is modern, stylish and warm. It is enough to add it to my “To Stay” list in Paris đŸ˜‰

Hotel Ekta
52 rue Galilée
75008 Paris






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