Fresh Finally Available In Paris!


Created in Boston by Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, Fresh became famous for its artisanal and hand-wrap soaps. Vegetable based, they respect nature and skin . Lev and Alina have one goal: turning our everyday beauty routine into sensorial rituals.

Part of the LVMH Group since fifteen years, Fresh has followed its dream and has expanded its collection to body and face skincare. Lev and Alina launched the first sugar exfoliant more than ten years ago and some of their products are now emblematic like the Rose Face Mask or theirSugar Tinted Lip Treatment. I personally tried the Rose Face Mask and it has become part of my beauty essential tips especially when winter comes in New York. I have to keep my skin hydrated as much as I can when the cold is out there and this mask is perfect for it.

Fresh finally arrives in Paris this September. You can now find its collection in the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann’s beauty space. No need to go to London anymore!



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