French Elegance With Perrin Paris Leather Gloves


Perrin Paris is well known for its collection of luxury leather handbags and accessories. Elegant and innovative, this brand uses the finest quality skins. You just have to touch them to feel it. They are soft and strong at the same time and mixing with Perrin Paris’s unique designs, you have high-end and sophisticated leather accessories.

I love their clutches but I wanted to dedicate this article to their expertise in glove making. Gloves have always been part of women’s charm and femininity. Remember the time where actresses wore them, remember those black and white pictures… Women were so elegant! For me, Perrin Paris brings to life this period with a contemporary touch. The lines and curves of their gloves are simply wonderful. Every woman should wear them.

Perrin Paris’ leather gloves are the quintessence of the French chic and elegance. In their last collection, they also combined clutches and gloves, I love the idea, so glamorous!

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