French Beauty and Savoir faire by Bastide Aix-en-Provence


What if I said you could experience the unceasingly breathtaking and eternally romantic Provence in France without stepping into a plane? Imagine a whiff of lavender fields, you can envision the hillside olive groves and there is a delicious smell of delicate flowers planted in the garden of a “Bastide,” a signature French country house. 

Bastide’s philosophy is based around love and craftsmanship of local French artisans. With their generations of savoir-faire and deep expertise, they use good-for-you ingredients found in the South of France.

It is the non-toxic French beauty and lifestyle brand, Bastide, that can give consumers a taste, or realistically a scent of Provence. Frederic Fekkai, the guru of the luxury hair style products, along with his beautiful wife, Shirin von Wulffen decided to start “La Vie Bastide” by creating pure and simple products made by artisans right in Frederic’s romantic hometown of Provence. The couple focuses on having products that the whole family can use in a country house where loved ones gather.


Bastide sells an array of fragrances, candles, lotions and soaps. They rely on just water, plants, light and balance. “Beautisans,” also known as the local French artisans, only use natural ingredients found in Provence and create 100% pure recipes. They stay away from toxic chemicals. 

The flagship store was opened in Frederic’s hometown, Aix en Provence, in order to stick to the brand’s values. They worked closely with the talented Amelia Tavella, an architect from Aix-en-Provence who won the award of Best Female Architect of France in 2016. She used both traditional know-how and modern architecture. Amelia captured the soul of Bastide’s products and the brand’s personality.

One of their most beloved products, the “Rose Olivier Eau de Toilette” is a mix of rose bush and olive tree creating a surprising yet delicious scent. All fragrances are available in both full and travel sizes. The hand blown “Miel de Lavande” and “Figue d’été” candles are essential for warming your home with a natural aroma. The brand’s hand wash, body wash, body lotion, hand cream and soap all contain Provence olive oil as well as several other natural ingredients leaving your skin feeling soft and smelling incredible.

Bastide, for me, is the quintessential French-girl style. It is simple, chic and elegant. I use their products everyday at home, on the plane, as a gift to friends; it is the perfect lifestyle brand. I am excited to share home design is next for this successful brand! 

The good news is that Bastide is popping up this Summer at Marche Maman (237 Centre St in Soho).

You can also order Bastide online.


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