Find Your Balance At The Tiger Yoga Club In Paris


Americans are huge fans of yoga and pilates. To be sincere, I think they are the two most popular disciplines here and I discovered them only a few years after I moved to the US. If you have already been to New York or even closer London, I am sure that you have seen people going to their classes with yoga mats on their shoulders. In New York, I have my own spot but today, I am dedicating this article to my Parisian followers who will be thrilled to discover theTiger Yoga Club.

Close to the Place IĆ©na, I found this magical location. It’s a real cocoon for relaxation and surpassing oneself. With the atmosphere and the team’s skills, you will improve your core strength and find your inner balance between body and mind. Practicing yoga and pilates really helps me to find my positive energy and the Tiger Yoga Club completely reflects this spirit. Decorated with vintage furniture, materials like leather and wood, they also play with golden lights to offer us an intimate environment.

The Tiger Yoga Club isn’t only a place to practice these disciplines, it’s also a bar-boutique-library called B where people can relax, snack and drink healthy and learn more about this philosophy. This club also offers different massages .

Parisians, you don’t have to be jealous of New Yorkers on this one. The Tiger Yoga Club is as good as it gets and you will work out with style!

Le Tiger Yoga Club
17/19 rue de Chaillot, 75116 PARIS



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