Eugene: The Healthy Bakery


Christophe Touchet is not only a pastry addict but also a diabetic. Last December he opened a bakery in the heart of Paris. What makes his bakery different from any other? I will tell you! More specifically, I will tell you about Eugène’s Bakery.

France is known for their bread, pastries and delicious food in general. However, did you know that diabetes concerns almost 3 million people in France? You can see the problem. Christophe Touchet came to the rescue! Pastry chef, Luc Baudin wrote a thesis on diabetes and works with Christophe. Christophe settled himself a challenge: opening a bakery and offering us delicious products with 50% less sugar… What a challenge!

Be reassured! They worked together with two doctors and tested everything on diabetics to give us the best food products. The amount of choices in this healthy bakery is unbelievable (breads, pastries, chocolates…) and despite the reduction of sugar, the taste is still delicious!

Congratulations to Christope Touchet and Luc Baudin for this healthy and scrumptious project! People can now give in to the temptation of sweets with complete satisfaction that it won’t disrupt their health 😉

Eugène’s Bakery
11 rue Guillaume Tell 75017 Paris



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