DxO One Camera at the 1 Hotel


Transforming your common iPhone, the DxO One is a revolutionary device that converts into a professional-quality digital camera when attached to your phone. With 1″ sensors and 20.2 megapixels, the DxO One gives you the ability to have the power and perks of a large, bulky professional camera in one lightweight device that can fit in any pocket.

Connected immediately with one single click, DxO One correlates with your iPhone’s Retina display, giving you the ability to capture and adjust images at your finger tips. Rather than plugging your formal memory chip into your laptop to upload and post photos, DxO One also allows you to post your pictures immediately after been taken.

In order to test out this revolutionary device, we hosted an event at the 1 Hotel in the Green House, where guests were invited to try out and take home their own DxO One Camera. The hotel’s contemporary, earth-friendly decor was perfect for guests to capture exquisite, high-definition images when connecting the device to their iPhones. Each and every guest were left in awe and is surely going to put the DxO One Camera in great use after this hands-on event.

Be sure not to miss the official launch at B&H this Sunday April 30th for a special promotion where you can exchange your old camera for a brand new DxO One for free.


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