Your dream cashmere sweaters this winter


Brora was founded in 1993 when Victoria Stapleton followed through with her lifetime desire to run her own business. Shortly after she started to sell her own products at the old tweed mill that her family owned on the east coast of Scotland, she realized her passion for Scottish textiles.

This heartfelt brand specializes in cashmere and produces long lasting, luxurious pieces, many of which are even finished by hand! At least twenty colors of clothing are created each season, with every item containing impressive intricate details.

I love how Brora prides itself on tradition, Scottish nationality, and maintaining British jobs and skills, but above all, it is highly committed to an exceptional quality of production. You can definitely see that dedication in all of its’ products, which is what truly sets this brand apart from the rest.

There is a 10% off sale for you to use until the end of  February, online (The code is JULIETTE10) to be entered at check out.  At the store on Madison av, you will get 10% if you say that you are ” Juliette’s friend”.

Brora sells clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, so there is something for everyone!




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