Dont Miss This Cafe In Paris!


I don’t know how to start this post, but lets begin by talking about Marlette and Marlette’s Café

The founders of Marlette’s Cafe, Margot and Scarlette have a unique story. One graduated from an International Hotel Management School whereas the other graduated from an Agro-Business School. Yes both of their stories started off somewhere else but they both had a passion for cooking. Their love of organic food and their home ”l’Ile de Ré” reunited them. Their engagement: offers us local, organic and delicious food !

Clueless of what to prepare for a snack or appetizer ? Well, stop stressing and take a look at Marlette’s eshop where you will find delicious and healthy ideas. Cookies, pancakes, financiers, bread or blinis’ to your desire. They even have gluten free preparations! And guess what, the recipe is so simple: add to Marlette’s preparation fresh ingredients like egg, milk, mix and it’s done. All you have to do is pop it in your oven! It’s a simple pleasure! What more could you ask for?

Because Margot and Scarlette believe so much in their concept, they opened Marlette’s Café in Paris. Choose your preparation with your kids in the shops corner. Enjoy a cookie or a muffin strolling in the neighborhood or simply have a break with friends and family in the café corner for a delicious brunch. This is Marlette’s Café!

The address of this cozy café: 51 rue des Martyrs Paris 9



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