Christophe Robin’s Vinegar-Based Treatments


Christophe Robin is a huge star in his field. Have you ever heard about Catherine Deneuve’s blond hair which everyone envied at that time? Christophe was responsible for it and since, he has become celebrities and top models’ number 1 colorist.

More than 15 years ago, Christophe Robin launched his own line of hair care products using only natural ingredients. His treatments are designed to nourish, moisturize and protect hair from color treatment effects but also from the outside elements. Since more than a month , I have been using his new line of vinegar-based hair products and I have to say, I really feel a difference in my hair. They are shinier and smoother than before.

Christophe Robin created three products in this line: the brightening hair finish lotion with fruit vinegar (to give resistance and shine to light hair), the regenerating hair finish lotion with hibiscus vinegar (for normal to dry hair) and the purifying hair finish lotion with sage vinegar (for greasy hair).

You just have to choose now which one will be good for you and your hair!



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