A Chic & Rural Retreat Near London



Last September, I had the chance to spend a weekend at the Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire and what a delight! The hideaway had just opened and to be honest, I never experienced a retreat like this, it was simply perfect!

As Alex Jackson, the lead architectural designer, said “We’ve approached this like designing a village”. This is why, I don’t know how to start my article. There is so much to tell… Centered around an 18th-century farm, the Soho Farmhouse is a 100-acre sanctuary which offers stylish accommodations: 40 individual cabins with a waterfront view, a seven-bedroom farmhouse and a four-bedroom cottage.

As an addict of interior design, I couldn’t miss the decoration. I love the countryside and vintage inspirations. The Soho Farmhouse is full of surprises. Did you know that they use vintage milk floats to transport guests? These are trucks they used in the past to deliver milk in the UK. It’s these kind of details which bring authenticity, charm and uniqueness to this haven.

Let me give you an other example of their luxurious and personal attention. When you do your check in online, you can give your height and shoe size in order for them to properly size your bicycle and prepare the right Wellington boots. Everything is done to make you feel comfortable and relax during your stay and it starts as soon as you arrive.

The Soho Farmhouse is also a mobile room service, indoor and outdoor restaurants, a private cinema, a Cowshed Spa with a salon run by famous Josh Wood, a fashion and lifestyle boutique curated by Alex Eagle, a cooking school, a boathouse with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a football field, an ice rink open in winter and a horse stable. Your children also have their own space to play.

What more could you ask for? Nothing! The Soho Farmhouse thought of every little detail. I spent an amazing weekend. It was a chic and rural retreat less than 2 hours from London. I wish the Soho Farmhouse was close to New-York… I would have been one of their regulars for sure!













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