Celebrating Life With Lola James Harper


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Lola James Harper is a collective of artists, friends and family which celebrates and cherishes life. Better than ever, I think it’s the right time to share their art with you… Lola James Harper is all about places, people, fragrances and pictures that they love. They want to give life to their greatest memories and share them with us. I adhere to this philosophy. It’s pure, lovely and makes me feel good!

Rami Mekdachi is the art director and visionary of this amazing brand. In the perfume industry he is called the magician of scent.

Lola James Harper records folk and rock songs, creates fragrances and candles, edits their own pictures on t-shirts and posters… Rami Mekdachi worked with the last MaĆ®tre Cirier in France. Friendship and love, these words really summarize what is behind Lola James Harper.

The candles he created are linked with playlists or movies, they were all sold out in a heartbeat at Colette.

Their art is the most meaningful gift that you could offer to your friends and family. You will celebrate life and love like they do!

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