Cambiaghi Hats Event at the 11 Howard Hotel


We held an event to present the Cambiaghi brand at the 11 Howard Hotel on Howard Street. This hotel draws inspiration from Danish minimalism while connecting with New York realism, and offers a relaxed but innovative place to stay in SoHo.

Cambiaghi is a family company in the hats and luxury bags industry that has formed a traditional Italian and “always by hand and with love” craftsmanship. Through the years, Sir Cambiaghi, informally referred to as “Sciur Pepp”, assisted the progressive movement of social responsibility and workers’ rights.

The brand’s designs are pure, simple, and offer a wide choice of materials and colors, making each handcrafted piece both elegant and timeless. Each hat has a mirror sewn on the inside.

Our team invited around fifteen people to this event. As a table centerpiece, the Cambiaghi hats were arranged so that the guests could try them on with the collection’s bags and take pictures while enjoying champagne.


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