Bensimon Became A Lifestyle Brand And A Destination Store In Paris


I’m sure when you hear the brand Bensimon, the first image that pops in mind are their famoussneakers… Did you know that this brand also has a gallery, concept stores, and a design bookstore? Bensimon is a complete fashion and lifestyle brand that offers us a “modern way of living”.

Inspired by other cultures and influences, Bensimon’s concept stores are an invitation to dream and travel. Opened to the world, they combine, with success, fashion and design. They are full of surprises and enhance a positive philosophy about the value of sharing. I completely agree with their spirit and concept, which is why I had to write an article about them.

With almost ten concept-stores in Paris, you just have to pick the one closest to your place. It is almost the week-end so this is perfect to make your plans and choose your concept-store, where you will find clothes, home decor, and much more!

You will be amazed by Bensimon‘s sens of lifestyle, fashion and design. It is beautiful! To be honest, this is a place where you can be free to be a shopaholic 😉



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