Beauty Tips From The Amazon Rainforest



I have always heard that in beauty, even if you have your own tips and preferred brands, it’s not good to use the same product over and over again, especially for your hair. It’s better to install a rotation process, otherwise your hair will start to get used to the product and over time, it will have less impact and effect.

Rahua collection from Amazon Beauty is part of my beauty hair routine like Christopher Robin’s new vinegar-based treatment and Klorane are. Rahua is an oil that Quechua-Shuar tribes used to prepare in order to restore and hydrate their hair and it has become the star ingredient in Rahua hair care products.

100% natural and organic, I use the shampoo. It’s light and really smoothes my hair which looks healthier. And for once, you don’t have to select the shampoo based on your hair needs. This one is for all hair types. A natural derivative of coconut oil will act as a cleanser while Rahua oil will regenerate your hair.



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