Born in 2009, Atelier Cologne is a perfume house created by Sylvie Ganter and Christopher Cervasel. Perfume lovers, they have one shared passion: the renowned perfumery classic, the eau de cologne. Following its dream, Atelier Cologne gave birth to Cologne Absolue, a line exalting citruses with high concentrations of essential oils.

This line, Cologne Absolue, is divided into five collections: Collection Originale highly concentrated in citruses, Collection Matières, Collection Métal, Collection Azur and Collection Les Exclusives with bespoke creations. Each cologne is inspired by a unique story which gives them their authenticity and this is what I find so interesting about this brand. When I choose my perfumes and it’s also true for candles and home fragrances, I am always looking for an original olfactive experience. And with their high concentration of essential oils, it’s nice to have a perfume which stays longer on your skin.

This year, Atelier Cologne added or will add two new fragrances to its collections: Jasmin Angelique and Oud Saphir which is already available. Jasmin Angelique, very sensual, celebrates the beauty and power of jasmin in bloom while Oud Saphir celebrates a free woman with notes of bergamot, ambrette and pink pepper.

Atelier Cologne offers us powerful and delicate fragrances in glass bottles with handcrafted leather caps, a very chic little detail that doesn’t go unoticed.

If you want to try this brand, they have shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Paris.



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