Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte, creative forces behind Astier de Villatte, are well known for their ceramic objects and dinnerware. With a white aesthetic and their 18th – 19th century inspiration, they take us back to their romantic and antique world. Astier de Villatte introduced a range of scented candles in 2008 and worked with the famous French nose, Françoise Caron, for a part of their collection.

Each candle offers us an aromatic journey, often related to emblematic cities and places like Naples, Tivoli, Mantes-La-Jolie for its herbs market, Cabourg, Broadway, Yakushima… Made with pure, natural vegetable wax, Astier de Villatte’s candles are free of paraffin and petrochemical byproducts.

Usually carried in handblown glass containers, their candles are also now placed in their signature ceramic casing. Once used and washed, these cups will make a wonderful vintage collection. Per Ivan : “We are inspired by things that have been forgotten, things that are undervalued”. Therefore, to follow their inspiration, Ivan and Benoît chose Monsieur Huin, the last remaining typesetter in France, as their printer. You can feel this uniqueness in each candle and its packaging .

My biggest crush is for their Villa Medicis candle. So chic and artistic, it will fit perfectly in my home!



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