Arbor, the new restaurant in Montauk to go to


Arbor adds to Montauks’ casual chic and fun atmosphere with their exquisite Mediterranean style menu.

The restaurants’ managing director, Steven Jauffrineau, is known for French bistro La Goulue in New York and Sunset Beach on Shelter Island. The importance of quality local farm products prepared by talented chefs is apparent with exceptional dishes such as the New-Zealand lamb chop, seared sea-scallop, parsnip mousseline and broccolini or the morel mushroom risotto.  There is a lot of focus on presentation and the belief that food cannot taste good if it doesn’t look good.

The drink selection allows you to experience new worlds, new wines, new beers, and is designed to pair with specific dishes to complement your experience. Not to mention the bar and wine cellar as well as a four wine dispensing machine…

It is an interesting new addition to the Montauk dining scene will have you feeling like home is their mantra!

Arbor 240 Fort Pond Rd, Montauk, NY 11954 (631) 238-5430

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