Aquazzura new store on Madison Avenue


Aquazzura brings Madison Ave its first “shoe heaven.” The fun yet modern aesthetic allows a glimpse into designer, Edgardo Osorios, creative mind as he combines his eye for drop-dead glamour, passion for modern design, and hand for luxury craftsmanship to make desirable footwear.

Since launching in 2011, the designer has taken the world by storm with his trendy shoe designs. Aside from starting many trends, the brand also has a unique pineapple symbol that represents good fortune and Colombian roots. The golden pineapples are are on the boxes and dust bags which happens to be Yves Klein blue.

Thanks to Ryan Korban, the store embodies the same luxurious feeling as the brand. The space features a stunning space that entails dazzling gold light fixtures and plush velvet couches. Diptyque Ambre candles burn to create a feeling of pampering in the form of fashion. It has even been confirmed that the rose-tinted glow was intentionally created to flatter multiple skin tones! 

The store is conveniently down the block from the new Met Breur museum and directly across the street from the Apple store. Whether it be a new pair of shoes, interior design inspiration, or a simply a lavish shopping experience it is a must see on the list of shopping locations. 

Aquazzura: 935 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10021

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