Always Relaxed With My Travel Candles


Every time I travel, I want to have a little something of my home with me or at least, I want to feel like home. In the gold travel candles of Brooklyn Candle Studio, I found it! In my bag, I brought them in all on my recent trips.

Made with natural American grown soy and essential oil infused fragrance oils, these candles smell nicely strong. The founder, Tamara Mayne, based her studio in Brooklyn, New York and she is proud to be part of the artisans community. While we are in a world of mass consumption, Tamara lauds handmade work and I completely support her!

I cannot list you every fragrances that Brooklyn Candle Studio has but for sure, you will find yours. From fig and vanilla to apple cider and christmas tree, their collection is varied. Their art deco and victorian inspired labels are also part of the charm of these candles and company.



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