With over 15 years in fashion across the US and in Europe, client acquisition is our strength.

We conceptualize and organize tailor made events for brands. We add an “outside of the box ” concept to create bespoke experiences that immerse guests in the culture and heritage of a brand. We strongly believe in the power of digital content through innovative events to engage new clients.

Our mission is also to help brands build awareness via strategic and creative media programs to leverage social media exposure.

We curate the best items into collections to match our client’s lifestyle. Introducing clients to one another throughout exclusive events is the key when cogitating the power of e-commerce and its lack of communication, advisement, and styling. Our encouragement of these necessities essentially initiates the gratification and happiness of each personalized experience.

Juliette Longuet being the linkage between clients and luxury brands ensures her consistent possession of up to date knowledge of trendsetting initiatives. She embraces the role of a brand ambassador in order to share and discuss the products within her network and amongst her social media platforms.


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