Perfect Nails With Uka


Am I obsessed with natural beauty products? Maybe a little bit… Korean and Japanese are far ahead of us regarding beauty, it’s like a tradition in their culture and their products are innovative and efficient. The brand I want to share with you today has been created by a famous Tokyo nail artist Kiho Watanabe.

With her brand Uka, Kiho wanted to give a chance to modern and busy women to take care of their nails. With Gilles Berthoumieux’s collaboration, a French agricultural engineer expert in precious essential oils, Kiho created a roll-on cuticle oil concept. Five in total, each roll-on has a specificity. The Basic one is meant to be used whenever we want, and the four others have to be applied during specific times of the day (7.15am, 1pm, 6.30pm and 12.45am). Organic argan oil based, each roll-on is filled with selected natural essential oils.

Uka makes nail care easier and playful. This is a natural hydrating product and Uka is now part of my daily beauty routine.ob_dfdbf8_uka-3


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