Barbara Sturm launch at the Brach hotel in Paris


We organized a beauty event with the Dr. Barbara Sturm at the Brach Hotel in Paris to discover or rediscover one of Hollywood’s most popular beauty gurus.

Who has not dreamed of a miraculous beauty routine? As most women, I am always attentive to my skin and I try to find the “beauty routine” that takes care of it, so that it stays healthy, well nourished, protected and sufficiently hydrated. That’s what Dr. Sturm wanted to share with us and have us tested at this event. Based on its medical expertise in cell regeneration and anti-aging products, those gentle care composed of a minimum of ingredients are perfect for sensitive skin. They protect, strengthen and clean the epidermis without weighing it down.

After the birth of her daughter, Dr. Barbara Sturm wanted only the best products to take care of her pure skin. She decided to create a collection of baby care products, made with the know-how of a doctor and the love of a mother. The products are free of harmful and aggressive irritants and soft enough to be used daily.

If you are looking for the secret weapon in the service of eternal beauty and youth, try them ! I am conquered and I have no doubt that you will be too.

The products are available on the website of Dr. Barbara Sturm, and if you wish you can enjoy the experience at Dr. Barabara Sturm SPA where all the treatments have been carefully selected by Dr. Sturm with one in mind: “skin rejuvenation Naturally attuned to the essential needs of the skin.”


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