Discovering La Goutte D’Or , A Parisian Neighbourhood


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For its 2nd edition, Lux chose the Goutte d’Or area. During four days, from the 19th to the 22th of November, you will be welcomed by several boutiques and ateliers of this Parisian neighborhood to discover their savoir-faire and designs/products.

I am always appreciative of these local initiatives to celebrate arts and crafts. 100% made in Goutte d’or, this event is an occasion to electrify a neighborhood. It’s a sharing moment around fashion, design and arts. Affre, Léon, Marcadet, Myrha, Doudeauville, Ernestine, de Panama, de Jessaint and des Gardes streets will open their doors to show us their energy and creativity.

Several activities are also organized to animate this event like a private viewing on the 19th or the visit of an old EDF power station on the 20th of November.

Thank you to “Les Gouttes d’Or de la Mode et du Design” for these days. I am sure people will appreciate this initiative like I do!

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